WideWood Worktops

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WideWood Worktops

See the Grain as Nature Intended

In response to the trend for a "wideplank" look rather than a traditional butcher block appearance, the Panelling Centre have launched the Widewood range of full plank worktops..
The tops are made from first grade American Oak, Iroko and Walnut. All are available in both standard worktop width and Island unit format.. The full plank construction accentuates the flow of the grain and offers a less contrived or engineered appearance than the normal solid wood worktops.. The range is currently being rolled out through the Panelling Centres retail showrooms.


Installation of Wide Wood Longstrip

Worktops have an A and a B face.
Inspect and select the correct surface.

Template and prepare the worktop for installation including cut-outs, shaping and any details required.

Seal the underside with Rubio 2C Quick Drying Oil.
Coloured oil can be used if preferred.

Sand the top surface with 120 grit sandpaper removing any undesirable impressions or planing marks

Lightly brush along the length of the grain with a hard wire brush.

Using a sponge apply a coat of Rubio Fumed Reactive Agent and allow to dry for apx 60 mins. Be sure to treat all exposed edges.

Repeat and allow to dry for a further 60mins.

Apply Rubio 2C White Quick Drying Oil with a sponge. Remove excess oil with a clean dry sponge. It'll be touch dry in 60 mins.

The client must treat the worktop with care for the next 7 days after which the top can be treated with a coat of Rubio Maintenance Oil as required.

The oil will be fully cured after apx 30 days.

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