Kitchen & Wardrobe Lights

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Kitchen & Wardrobe Lights

Your kitchen is the room that gets the most use, both during daylight hours and well into the evening, so it is important that the lighting solution works on different levels, providing both functional and ambient atmospheres as appropriate.

LED lighting is extremely efficient and is the first choice in modern kitchen lighting design.

Energy & Cost Saving
You can save over 90% on power consumption

Brightest Light Output
HD LEDs have a high light output - equivalent to 20W of halogen - whilst only using a fraction of the power.

Long Life
Halogen light bulbs are rated for approximately 3,000 hours and LEDs for 40,000 hours approx.

No Wasted Heat
LEDs do not overheat and have zero output of ultra-violet radiation compared to that of conventional halogen lighting.

Advanced Technology
LED kitchen lighting brings a whole new set of previously unimaginable possibilities.

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