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Kitchen extractors take away the smells, grease, steam and heat that are produced during cooking.

Ideally they should be ducted to the outside. Air passes through metal mesh grease filter panels which can be washed in the sink or dishwasher and don't need to be replaced.

Alternatively, a charcoal filter will get rid of cooking smells and grease. However, clean moist air is recirculated back into the room. Charcoal filters must be replaced regularly.

The ducting run should be as short and straight as possible. Every bend will reduce the efficiency by approximately 5%. Always use the recommended ducting, normally 125mm or
150mm diameter.

Cooker hoods can be Integrated (behind a door), Canopy (fitted under a decorative canopy or over mantle), Chimney (stand alone hood on a wall or over an island usually in stainless steel), Telescopic (fits flat under a unit and pulls out to activate) and Downdraft (pulls up from a worktop and is concealed behind the cabinets below).

In any case you should install an appliance with a suitable extraction rate. Your hood should be able to renew 10 to 12 times the volume of air in your kitchen p/hr. For example, a kitchen 15m2 x 2.5m ceiling height x 12 air changes = a recommended extraction rate
of +/- 450 m3/hr.

Our kitchen designers will advise you which appliances best meet your needs.

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